How the Optimal Wellness Program Works

I incorporate integrative and functional medical nutrition, supplementation, lab testing, hair analysis and wellness coaching making it possible for you to understand the “why” behind your struggles and how you can effectively take steps to live your BEST life!  I take a more holistic approach to your health by guiding you through a transformation allowing you to achieve optimal health and life satisfaction. 

Whole Self-Assessment

An extensive intake evaluation, my whole self-assessment constitutes a complete health history intake, family health history, symptom analysis, BMI, diet and lifestyle assessment, and a daily food diary.

Wellness Plan Development

Once I have your full history with recommended functional lab test, hair analysis, and/or food sensitivity testing, I will carefully compile a personal customized program that includes:   

            • Dietary recommendations

            • Lifestyle recommendations

            • Natural supplementation recommendations

            • Information for your special health concerns

Wellness Plan Implementation

Coaching sessions will be scheduled to establish your goals and work together to achieve these goals.

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