Optimal Wellness Program (OWP)

Through our journey together, your end goal achievements will be increased self-awareness and self-knowledge of nutrition and health, acquisition of new life skills, attainment of personal and professional goals, sustainable behavior change, increased life satisfaction, and becoming one’s best whole self. 

I believe in taking an individualistic and holistic approach to coaching, meaning all my recommendations are tailored specifically to your needs. Our wellbeing is impacted by the food we consume and our lifestyle choices.

Nourishing your body with healthy food doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience. You can eat delicious foods that taste amazing, give you energy, and make you look and feel great!


  • Evaluation of your nutrition, accessing how foods impact your wellbeing, your physical activity, your weight and BMI, your stress, your laboratory results, hair analysis, and your life satisfaction level.
  • Customized evidence-based functional wellness and nutrition counseling services and neutraceutical consulting.  This includes recommended detox programs and a healthy diet plan with recipes.
  • Education on how to live your healthiest life, have more energy, reach your optimal weight, be more mindful and make sustainable changes with long lasting results. I will provide you ways to enjoy simple and delicious foods, natural supplements and feel holistically happy.
  • Empowerment with the tools you need to feel and be your best. 

Who are my clients?

My clients live anywhere, their age is irrelevant and their lifestyles differ. Some suffer from chronic diseases or illness and others just need to improve their overall health and lifestyle, but each one always tells me:

“I want to feel better, sleep better, eat better, be healthier, feel more energetic, feel balanced, and have a healthy weight.”