Pantry Purge / Fridge Rehab - (90 minutes) - $150

We all need a “makeover” in some aspect of our lives. Who can be on top of everything? Given my passion for food and my knowledge and skills, I guide people through food lifestyle change. And a huge part of this process is the pantry purge and fridge rehab. While I may be highly opinionated about food and food choice, I am never judgmental as everyone has a different starting point for change and for me to be able to truly help, I must understand what you can do and truly respect and honor what challenges you have.

Do outdated cans of beans, vegetables, multiple bags and boxes of pasta, and spices line your shelves? If it has been awhile since you paid attention to what you’ve stocked in your pantry or your refrigerator has gotten out of control, it might be time to shift your kitchen into healthy gear.

In this 90-minute in-home pantry and refrigerator makeover we will explore healthful substitutes for some of those less healthy processed items that may not be supporting your desire for profound wellness. A BWell Pantry Purge & Refrigerator Rehab will ensure that you and your family have access to the freshest, healthiest food. This is a great compliment to support nutrition goals and new healthy lifestyle.

Only $150

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