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The Purpose of Supplementation

Supplementation can be a great therapeutic addition to a healthy mindset, diet and lifestyle—but in no way can it replace it. I use supplements to bring balance into the wellness process. In this way, supplements can help to support you on your own path to radiant health.


Not all supplements are created equal. Like any industry, there is a difference in quality between supplement companies and individual products. Because of this, I recommend purchasing high integrity products from reputable companies to ensure optimal results.

Here, it is important to keep an eye out for supplements that contain synthetic ingredients and preservatives. These supplements are often found in big box retailers and pharmacies that care more about their bottom line than your health and well-being. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of attributing poor results to holistic medicine and supplements in general rather than the poor quality of the product itself. Because of this, I recommend purchasing supplements from a reliable source and researched manufacturer.

I have researched all the products in my Wellness Shop. When I create a wellness plan and recommend a supplement, I work to treat the whole person rather than a single symptom.

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