Professional Neo40® 60 count $99

Professional Neo40® 60 count $99


Neo40- Professional Clinical strength nitric oxide restoration formula, with added methylfolate for increased efficacy

Patented, quick-dissolve tabs clinically shown to generate nitric oxide in the mouth. The biphasic mechanism of action provides an immediate, rescue source of Nitric Oxide(NO) as well as a reserve pool of nitrate and nitrite, which the body can convert to NO in the endothelium as needed. Optimal NO levels may help:

* Promote artery dilation for healthy blood flow
* Support healthy blood pressure levels
* Support cardiovascular and heart health
* Promote increased circulation throughout the body
* Support healthy arterial function

Nitric Oxide Production Loss: The Missing Link in Age-Related Health Problems

The medical literature has clearly established the significance of nitric oxide (NO) homeostasis in human physiology. Foundationally, NO acts as an endogenous regulator of the intracellular availability of oxygen and is critical for normal mitochondrial function.

After years of research and development at the University of Texas, Dr. Nathan Bryan and his team were able to formulate a tab that activates in saliva to induce the rapid production of NO gas to restore NO homeostasis. The Neo40 technology is biphasic in nature. The first phase delivers authentic NO gas as the tab is dissolving. The second phase provides the substrates and cofactors necessary for restoring constitutive NO production in the blood vessels.

Though originally intended as a pharmaceutical, Neo40 is a nutraceutical that is considerably less costly than its drug model. Neo40 is the only NO technology that is scientifically validated, clinically tested, and patent protected.

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