Wellbeing Jump Start


  • 4 Total Consultations
    (60-minutes each)

  • I will assist you to create a plan that identifies your core health challenges and how to help your body correct them through nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

  • I will inspire you to EAT nourishing and delicious food, LIVE the life you desire, and truly THRIVE in every area of your life.

  • This program will empower you to make sustainable changes & see long lasting results.

Lifestyle 360


  • 11 Total Consultations

  • 🔹 1st consultation is a 90-minute intake & case review.
  • 🔹 2nd consultation is a 60-minute follow-up.
  • 🔹 The additional 9 consultations are all 30-45 minute additional follow-ups.

  • A great start to committing to make a glowing change in your life that you can feel, see, and experience. This is a beginning to establish a wellness vision for yourself and see results.

  • Included in Program:

  • ✅ Comprehensive case review with functional nutrition recommendations and action plan.
  • ✅ One month complementary membership Wellness Tracking App
  • ✅ Access to state-of-the-art lab and food sensitivity testing (cost of laboratory tests not included).
  • ✅ Weekly food and activity journal review.

A La Carte Coaching

$125 Initial Consult

$75 Follow-up Visit

  • Purchase an Individual Nutrition & Wellness Coaching Session

Grocery Store Tour


  • 90 minute guided tour

  • ✅ Bridget will teach you how to read and compare food labels as well as interpret label lingo and health claims.

    ✅ Learn how to become an educated, savvy shopper and stock your pantry with healthy whole foods and snacks to assist you in achieving your long-term nutritional success!

    ✅ I will provide you with the tools you need to be successful in your menu planning and grocery store navigation so that you can set yourself up for success with nourishing meals.

Pantry Purge / Fridge Rehab


  • 90 minute experience

  • In this in-home pantry and refrigerator makeover we will explore healthful substitutes for some of those less healthy processed items that may not be supporting your desire for profound wellness.

  • We all need a “makeover” in some aspect of our lives. Who can be on top of everything? Given my passion for food and my knowledge and skills, I guide people through food lifestyle change.

    And a huge part of this process is the pantry purge and fridge rehab. While I may be highly opinionated about food and food choice, I am never judgmental as everyone has a different starting point for change and for me to be able to truly help, I must understand what you can do and truly respect and honor what challenges you have.

Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis


  • ✅ Is your body nutritionally balanced for life?
    ✅ Is the environment affecting your overall wellness?

  • Discover the answers with a simple non-invasive hair analysis.

    Your hair samples are digitally processed and sent to the technology center in Hamburg, Germany. There over 800 key indicators are mapped and used to create the charts and tables which make up your complete Optimize Wellness Report and 90-day plan.

    Your 90 day plan includes nutrients, water and lifestyle recommendations, and a list of foods to add and avoid.

    Your report will unlock your epigenetic potential and optimum wellness.

30-Minute Session with Dr. Bryan Bergens


  • • 30 minute Session with Dr. Bryan Bergens

Optimal Wellness Program (OWP)

Customized Pricing

  • I incorporate integrative and functional medical nutrition, supplementation, lab testing, hair analysis and wellness coaching making it possible for you to understand the “why” behind your struggles and how you can effectively take steps to live your BEST life!

  • I take a more holistic approach to your health by guiding you through a transformation allowing you to achieve optimal health and life satisfaction

Corporate & Group Wellness Programs

Customized Pricing

  • Are you looking for an experienced speaker who can offer sound information and an engaging experience for your organization to present wellness and healthy living?

  • Are you interested in a one-time lunch’n’learn, a weekly or monthly program, a workshop on wellness and healthy living, or individual nutrition and wellness coaching?

  • I can tailor a program that will fit your needs. I am passionate about Empowering and Inspiring audiences to take realistic and sustainable steps toward realizing their wellness and ability to transform themselves!