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Are you burdened by body discomfort but traditional treatments not giving you relief from body pain or overwhelmed by the infinite cycle of harmful medications? Transform your healing journey at BWell, your integrative wellness center in Daytona Beach. We provide an integrative approach to healing through functional medicine that accents your optimal health.

Our experienced professionals incorporate Western medicine with a variety of treatment options, focusing on a root-cause approach addressing chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders, and more, ensuring a comprehensive care plan for your overall health.

Explore a healthier, vibrant life today with our board-certified center, your reliable partner in achieving health goals.

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What Is Integrative Wellness?

As an integrative health and wellness center, we believe in addressing the root cause of health issues rather than simply treating symptoms. Our approach to healthcare is focused on the body as a whole, closely examining relationships among your lifestyle, environment, and genetics to optimize your health. We treat a wide variety of health issues, from chronic diseases to holistic treatments for pain and a wide variety of treatments that go beyond just medication.

How Can Integrative Wellness Benefit You?

  • Promotes Holistic Health. As an integrative wellness center, BWell emphasizes holistic health. It adopts health approaches that include physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental aspects, enhancing quality of life immensely.
  • Personalized Care. BWell understands that health is not one-size-fits-all. Hence, it considers individual variations in genetics, lifestyle, and environment to tailor health coaching certificates and programs to suit your unique wellness requirements.
  • Focus on Prevention. Integrative wellness at BWell emphasizes preventative healthcare. This approach manages current symptoms and identifies and addresses the root causes of diseases. It provides a way to maintain ongoing health and reduce dependence on conventional medicine.
  • Emphasizes Mind-Body Connection. BWell recognizes that a healthy mind contributes to a healthy body. Our programs aid you in understanding the mind-body connection, taking a crucial step towards health.
  • Promotes Non-Invasive Treatments. At BWell, non-invasive healing modalities are utilized wherever possible. These methods provide pain relief and improve overall wellness, relieving your pain level considerably.
  • Encourages Active Participation. BWell’s integrative wellness approach gives you an edge over disease as it encourages your active participation. You become proactive in your health journey, making informed decisions and creating a life of enjoyment and wellness.

What Services Do We Offer?

Gut Health

At BWell, we acknowledge gut health's central role in overall wellness. We help diagnose and treat various gut health issues through specialized lab tests and integrative medicine practices. Our main focus is to determine the root causes of gastrointestinal problems and offer more efficient and long-lasting solutions.

Auto-Immune Diseases

Our facility offers comprehensive support and treatment for a wide range of auto-immune diseases. Using a blend of integrative and functional medicine, we aim to understand the underlying causes and help our patients manage and even reverse their conditions effectively. Our individualized plans cater to every patient's unique health circumstances.

Environmental and Biotoxin Illness

Environmental toxins can be hazardous to your health. They can contribute to various illnesses that affect your everyday life. Our center offers testing to determine your toxin exposures and will guide you on reducing their effects on your health. We provide natural treatments that can help to detox your body and improve health conditions caused by biotoxins.

Diagnostic Lab Testing

Our integrative health & wellness center offers state-of-the-art diagnostic lab tests, including food sensitivity and gluten intolerance tests. We provide personalized lab recommendations along with a comprehensive explanation and interpretation of test results. From the appointment to the test result delivery, every step is taken with utmost care with the goal of achieving your health goals.

Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis

Among our range of diagnostic tools, the Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis holds a prominent position. This non-invasive tool serves to identify and assess your epigenetics, paving the way for an individualized treatment and lifestyle plan. We use this innovative technique as an integral part of chronic health management and disease prevention.

Nutrition Lifestyle

Emphasizing the importance of diet, our allied health practitioners provide highly effective functional diagnostic nutrition recommendations. This holistic approach investigates your root health issues and presents opportunities for enhancing your whole health. Our treatments are designed to consider your specific lifestyle and are guided by the principles of functional and integrative medicine.

Why Choose BWell

Expert Care

We at BWell have an incredibly qualified and dedicated team of practitioners who provide personalized care to our clients. Whether it’s helping you manage chronic health conditions or supporting your journey towards emotional balance, our practitioners bring expertise in different health areas.

Comprehensive Services

BWell brings together a variety of wellness services under one roof. We have a robust list of wellness approaches that cater to your unique health needs.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Your health journey is unique to you. As an Integrative Wellness Center, BWell acknowledges this by offering personalized treatment plans. These plans are designed with specific health goals and adjusted based on your progress and responses.

Holistic Approach

Unlike traditional health centers, BWell adopts a holistic health approach to address the root cause of your issues instead of just treating the symptoms. This approach treats the ailment and reduces the likelihood of recurrence.


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